Roof Cleaning

Our London and Surrey Roof Cleaning service is the perfect choice for cleaning your roof. You can rely on us for expert advice and support, with our highly trained roofers on hand and ready to go. We treat your roof as if it was our own.


GCL cleaning process that will Clean, Protect, and Maintain Roof surface for longer.

Our manual technique is highly effective and the results will last much longer than normal pressure washing. Pressure washing your roof is not a good idea in all cases. Depending on what roof you have, i.e. materials, this has an effect on the way we clean. We don’t choose the method of cleaning, your roof chooses it for us.


Our roof cleaning method has proved to be 100% effective on any roof surface and the results are always outstanding.


How much does it cost?

Give us a call and we will give you a quote within minutes.

If for any reason we cannot give you a price over the phone, a member of Gutter Cleaning London will organize with yourselves to come and take a look, with free advice and a no obligation quotation service.

Roof cleaning can be achieved by manually removing any access moss and then applying the correct chemicals to the tiles. This approach doesn’t involve any water and will not cause damage to the tiles